Courtney Banks – Creator / Producer / Writer 

SmirkLike any bright-eyed, full of dreams Mid-Westerner, Courtney Banks was ready to take Hollywood by storm when she moved to LA in the Fall of 2012. After a year of slinging burgers Courtney entered the Creative Artist’s Lab and was encouraged to write her own material. She immediately knew that she had to create her own series. Because she’s brilliant? No, because she’s an impatient, control freak. Why wait to be cast in a great role if you can just write it and produce it yourself? Well, not completely by herself…

Robert Adams – Director / Editor / Composer

robHer partner in crime is  Robert Adams. During a normal re-write or editing session these two can be heard discussing character development, shouting about story arc, taking a tangent on great American television series and then hugging it out to get back to work! Adams is an immense talent and invaluable asset to the production of Re-Casting Kyle, without whom, the series would in a word: suck.